What is a webinar?

From now on, training and meeting rooms are a thing of the past. With just a few clicks away you can be transported to your own personal training room – no matter where you are!

We are sure that you will agree with us that meaningful training and co-operation is easier said than done, especially if you, your teams and or employees are spread across multiple locations.

Complicated logistics, co-ordination and planning, extensive travel, and more important, the ability to convince people over and over again that you will not waste their valuable time.

All you need is an online training solution that provides an engaging virtual meeting space.

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What is a Webinar?

Think of webinars as classrooms without boundaries, allowing for participants to engaged with a host such as a teacher or lecturer through a smartphone, tablet or personal computer from the comfort of their home, office or just about anywhere.

A webinar is a live web-based video seminar that uses the web (internet) to disseminate information and provide training either one-way or interactively. Webinars connect individuals hosting the webinar to an audience – the viewers and listeners of the webinar from all over various locations, including the world.

Webinars can include a few people to hundreds, depending on how interactive you’d like them to be, similar to that in a live classroom or lecture environment. Through a webinar an audience can view the host, presentations and demonstrations, and engage with the host by asking questions and chatting and partake in surveys or tests. A webinar has the ability to be recorded and referenced at a later time.

Webinars are now being seen as a key ingredient of training programs and we are confident in saying that that live, web-based Webinars will begin to displace live training events.

10 Reasons
Why Webinars are so Powerful!

Different Purposes: Webinars can be used for multiple of different purposes. You can use them to deliver all types of training, sales pitches, product launches and demonstrations, interviews, announcements and many other business and non-business related activities.

Collaborative and interactive: Webinars are collaborative and interactive. During a live event, we are able to share screens, show videos and slides, annotate notes, text chat, add guests, share files and notes, use online white board, track attention and engagement, take questions and queries, run polls and survey’s and many much more.

Time Savings. Because there is no need to travel to participate in a webinar, you save valuable time in your busy schedule. Additionally, as identified above, webinars provide focused learning opportunities, meaning you do not sit through content that may not be relevant to your situation.

Convenience: By using webinars, you can reach everyone in your business without having to travel, or making participants travel to you. You can participate in a webinar from a location of your choosing – your home, your office, or a client/customer location are all perfectly suitable for learning in a webinar environment.

Cost: Webinars typically cost less than equivalent traditional seminars or conference sessions. Further, because you do not travel to participate in a webinar, you save those costs also.

More Focussed: Webinars accelerate the learning process by increasing the opportunity for communication, enabling you to give virtual demos to a variety of stakeholders at once. Webinars’ ease of use and affordability mean you can conduct shorter more frequent training sessions that help keep everyone focused.

Focused Learning Opportunities: Webinar topics tend to focus on specific issues and topics; you receive in-depth discussions on the topics that specifically interest you.

Comfortable environment: People are heavily influenced by their peers’ reactions. This is a chance for a group of people to hear each other ask questions and feel comfort knowing that others have the same concerns and curiosities. In fact, people often feel more comfortable interacting virtually, rather than having a hundred people stare at them as they raise their hand.

Engagement Rates: Webinars are great for conversions and they are excellent for turning prospect into buyers. In internet marketing circles, the industry standard/average conversion rate for a regular sales page is generally accepted to be 1%. The industry standard/average conversion rate for a webinar is accepted to be 10% or more.

Specific Training: Webinars let you create informative communication pieces that are specifically geared to particular departments, and let you educate specific audiences. For example, create webinars that help teach potential franchise owners how to choose which franchise is right for them. Then, later, create webinars to educate them on successful tips for running their franchise.

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